Top 10 Places to Get Naked Around the World 2011

Sick of seeing saggy, leathery spectacles at nude beaches? OTP has filtered out most floppy flapjack fests to bring you our Top 10 Places to Get Naked and Stay Naked Around the World.

Running of the Nudes

Pamplona, Spain

This annual event is a way to get close to naked animal lovers. As a protest to Pamplona's Running of the Bulls (and bullfighting), PETA activists ditch their clothes and run around the Spanish streets in all their naked glory. They have organized similar protests in other countries to discourage tourists planning to visit Spain from purchasing tickets to bullfights. We think their campaign video is pretty effective (warning: this video contains boobs, 8 of them).

Turkish Baths

Budapest, Hungary

Hungarians are known for their love of chillin' naked in their naturally occurring thermal mineral waters around which enormous, ancient bathhouses were built. Newly renovated, they now include whirlpools, effervescent beds, neck showers and pools of varying temperatures. While most places in the world separate men and women, three baths in Budapest open their doors to naked, underwater co-mingling. The largest, Szechenyi Gyogyfurdo is open year round (which means hot baths in the snow).

It's like a water park but instead of slides and hot dog stands you just get a face full of naked people (which we think is a fair trade).

World Naked Bike Ride

Brighton England

Started six years ago as a protest against oil companies and cars, cyclists now intimately bond with their bike seats every year in a growing list of participating countries. In Brighton, the U.K.'s hot spot for everything eco, cyclists begin their undress rehearsals in March to get ready for the big ride in June. Since this caliber of nakedness requires some physical stamina, you better believe you'll see some hard bodies pedaling by. Rent a bike from Rayment Cycles, strip off your skimpies, maybe spray a little sanitizer on the seat and start hauling some naked ass.

Nude Rugby

Dunedin, New Zealand

To ring in the start of New Zealand's favorite sport season (and in celebration of National Nude Day), college students from Otago strip down and get their rugby on. The Nude Blacks (a play on the famous All Blacks team name) compete in freezing temperatures to show off their athletic prowess and bear their naked ass-ness. Be the best naked spectator you can be to show your support.

Burning Man

Nevada, U.S.A

This week-long event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada is focused on surreal art installations, a whole lot of inebriation and a general lack of concern for limitations or constrictions of any kind (clothing included). The visual equivalent of Alice in Wonderland with a hint of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, both on more acid, this event draws quite a diverse, semi to fully nude, crowd. After all, it's the desert so clothes just get in the way. Keep your sensitive bits out of the namesake fire at the end of the festival.

Rosklide Music Festival


A four day festival that attracts incredible acts (like Iron Maiden) to its 6 stages built to support over 100,000 people. This event was originally started by hippies but has since evolved to include visitors from most of Western Europe and Scandinavia. They've got your metal, hip hop, electronica, euro pop and hoards of naked people trying to take a shower in exposed stalls for four days. The adjacent campsite is a great place to set up tent, get friendly with locals and learn about their relaxed nudity standards.

Strip Poker World Championship


complimentary stripper (some casinos give you free drinks, we think this is better) that takes her clothes off on their behalf. Perhaps some returning poker champs were just not that pretty without their pants? We're guessing certain “distractions” can be used for bluffing tactics.

Englischer Garten

Munich, Germany

Germans are perhaps the most lax when it comes to bearing their most hidden crevices and protrusions. While this park is expansive and offers many clothed activities (like the Japanese tea house, waterfalls and scenic monuments), the biggest draw is the Schönfeld meadow where swarms of Germans disrobe and soak up the sun. We can't imagine a better spot for a picnic, the German way: with a beer stein in one hand and a wiener schnitzel in the other.

Cap d'Agde

Vermielle Coast, France

French people are by far the most liberal when it comes to taking it all off. The “Vermillion Coast” is an incredible coastline along the north edge of the Pyrenees with Spain down below. This area is well-known for its wineries, beaches and lack of tourists. Also the words “Naked City” have been thrown around to describe it due to the 40K+ naked people it attracts every summer. That amount of nakedness is bound to have several unsightly nudes but there are enough wineries around that you won't care.

Keep your eyes away from the hairy pits by focusing on the naked tits.

Italian Body Painting Festival

Verona, Italy

This event is very culturally sophisticated. Artists compete every year using incredible body painting techniques to create visually mesmerizing works of art using the (naked) human body as canvas. While you can expect to be amazed by people painted up like lions and landscapes, remember that you don't even have to squint that hard past the paint to see some boobies.

Keep in mind that places around the world view nudity differently from Americans. The naked body is just that, often devoid of sexuality. So don't be that drooling, naked douche bag everyone avoids. Show off your goods the classy way, play it cool and enjoy the view.