The 10 Best Cliffs to Jump Off Around the World

Nicknamed “Tombstoning,”(you know, like death?) cliff diving is an adventure sport dating back to the dawn of civilization. Whether you’re throwing yourself into the abyss to get your adrenaline flowing or because it’s a rite of passage, this is hands-down the original rollercoaster—without all that pansy-ass safety gear. If you’re ready for some intense risk taking, check out OTP's 10 Best Cliffs to Dive Off, guaranteed to make you crap your pants.

Most cliff diving locations are on ocean’s edge, but the best spots in Kimberley are inland. You’ll dive into lakes surrounded by gorges, waterfalls and mountain peaks. The most renowned jumping area is from one of the many cliffs overlooking the Ord River. The big mama of these teeters at 80 feet, but there are smaller ones for weak-in-the-knees divers as well.

The Swiss love crazy death-defying shit. They have vacation packages made up for you and your entire family for just about anything that sounds like a one-way ticket to sure death—extreme skiing, bungee jumping, skydiving, white water rafting, you name it. It’s only natural that the most badass 80-feet cliff-diving opportunities would be in Brontallo, Switzerland. This little town has hosted several World High Diving Federation championships, despite the freezing water temperatures. Apparently, if you’ve got the balls to jump off a cliff, you’re not too worried about shrinkage.

Around here, cliff diving is to young people what dredlocks are to weed. It’s not a big deal for locals to jump thirty-ish feet off tree branches into shallow water, or for restaurants to advertise dine & dive specials. Plenty of tourists have been injured—those kids make it look so damn easy!—but with a little bit of precaution, this jump into crystal-clear blue waters makes it well worth the risk.

Along with Easter Island, Hawaii is one of the original cliff diving locales. During the reign of the Hawaiian King Kahekili in the 1770s, cliff diving was a means for men to prove their courage and loyalty. We’re not about forcing teenage boys to jump to their graves, but taking the plunge where it all began is definitely damn cool. Enjoy the gorgeous views and warm waters and keep your eyes peeled for sharks and those pesky currents threatening to drag you to Japan.

More than just a pretty sunset, there are plenty of places to tempt fate on the coast of Santorini Island. A great example is Kamari Beach, where there’s a 35-foot rock wall that offers an exhilarating jump into the ocean—with enough depth that makes it safe for beginners. Some other cliffs on the island can be found among the famed black sand beaches.


This 70-foot drop, on a condor reserve, is off a rock base adjacent to a waterfall, pouring into ice-cold waters. Nothing like taking the plunge with thousands of gallons of water rushing by you on your way down! If you can stomach it to check out your surroundings as you drop, keep a lookout for condors, ugly pterodactyl-like birds that are among the largest flying creatures in the Western Hemisphere.



This one’s not for first-timers, by any means, and really only for the fearless. These 80-foot jumps have earned quite the reputation for being dangerous. They are terrifying not only for the extremely icy waters, but also for the ultra-narrow rock walls you’re sandwiched between on your rapid descent.



This cliff is one of the most dangerous diving spots in the world because it's all about timing. If you've ever predicted when the DVD sign will hit the corner of the TV screen, you're all set. Basically, if you don’t jump at exactly the right moment, the vicious waves below will splatter you all over the jagged shore. Take a look see at how professionals do it and vicariously feel the thrill.


Since taking a free fall isn’t for everyone, this bungeed variety is well worth the mere $20 USD it costs. Less than 60 miles from Beijing, this 164-foot drop is surrounded by grassy mountains and clear-water sources. You don’t even need courage for this one—the instructors just push you off the cliff once you’re geared up and ready to go.

At 265 feet high, this is the highest bungee in all of the Americas. For adrenaline junkies who are seeking some convenience, grab one of the shuttles that leaves from San Jose. This drop into the jungle isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s one hell of a spectacular ride.

Honorable Mention:

Wolfgang hasn't seen anything until you expose him to your diving capabilities. Jump off his 100 ft cliff (with built in diving board) to show him who's boss. Get the cliff crucials here.

They don't call it Tombstoning to be sassy; plenty of people have met a nasty death. The trick is to avoid being all balls and no brains. Do your research and talk to the locals before taking the plunge, and then dive!