How to Pick Up Prostitutes Around the World (Part 1)


So you're out in the world shopping for some hookers? First off, you must be aware of the issues and debates surrounding prostitution worldwide.

Pro Ho

As it goes, prostitution is the oldest profession in history (were there hookers before doctors?). People who side with the legalization of prostitution generally believe women should have the choice to sell their bodies as commodities given the ancient demand for the services they provide. Since you will not find a place in the world without hookers (legal or not) why not create systems that are better able to regulate the conditions, salaries, benefits and safe health practices of the sex industry?

No Ho

No Ho supporters will tell you why not. They believe legalizing prostitution brings with it many negative effects. Since legal hookers cost more (due to the cost of regulating the practice), competition is pushed underground which proliferates child prostitution, AIDS, forced sex trade violence and drugs. Their view is the market, as any other business, operates on a "what's the best deal I can get for my buck?" mentality. If you can get a hooker (forced sex slave or not) for a much cheaper price per hour than a legal brothel escort, they believe you won't care about the politics involved as long as you're getting laid for less.

Then there's the whole religious and moral side of things...

While both sides of the argument have validity, OTP isn't here to judge or tell you to stay away from paying for sex, if that's something you want to do. What we do ask is that you be informed about the international sex industry and that you choose morally and wisely based upon your own judgments. With that said:

Lets get you hooker'd up!


Status: Very famously legal

Like to window shop? Then you will absolutely love this. Gorgeous girls (independent contractors that pay rent and taxes for their own windows) lounge around in lingerie in big, red-lit, glass display windows and offer their services for as cheap as $80 bucks per hour. All you do is walk, look, pick and get down to business behind the curtain of the window booth. The Red Light District is also a beautiful, eventful, old area of Amsterdam so getting a ho or two, then going to a coffee shop, theater or nice restaurant is completely acceptable.


Status: Legal, as of 10 years ago.

The Boardroom is Melbourne's most organized, most awarded, cleanest brothel. They also offer a selection of men for the ladies, which is fair. You pay around $73 for room rental and are required to give your hooker/man-stitute at least $82 (for ½ hour). In the Sydney area? You're in luck. Brothels in Sydney is dedicated to finding you a good hooker in Sydney. You can search by price, business name or featured brothels. If you're into the kinky shit, check out Salon Kitty's where its all about BDSM (what the f*ck does BDSM stand for? well: Bondage & Discipline/Domination & Submission/Sadism & Masochism. Just a good ol' time really).


Status: Legal

Prostitution became legal in 1992 and the first brothel, The Petite Fleur opened in 1998 in Zurich. Although all prostitutes must be Swiss citizens, pimps and sex traffickers have found ways around the rule and continue to buy and import mostly Thai women into the trade. Since Thai women are presented with a language barrier in Switzerland, they avoid trips to the hospital for necessary health treatments and check ups. Instead of looking for an untrafficked, authentic Swiss hooker, try getting a tantra massage (same great benefits of sex, minus the diseases and promotion of sex slavery). The Swiss are already known for their fantastic massages. Tantra massage adds a bonus rub-down of your most tense areas. It will cost you about 100-200 euros for a 90 minute session and both guys and girls can play. At Manumagic, in Basel, Switzerland, you can request a male or female masseuse (or both at the same time actually) and if you're hard to please, you can purchase a 3 hour long massage (although at that point, you'll probably have serious blue balls and chaffing).


Status: Illegal on paper due to Western pressure.

Thailand is usually synonymous with sex tourism. Thoughts of grimy old men paying for child sex slaves for the duration of their stay instantly come to mind. We won't lie, this does happen (20/20 wasn't kidding) but more legit hooking is pretty common as well. Phuket, if the name alone doesn't give it away, is full of brothels, hookers and massage parlors. Although, as Phuket is one of the most popular sex tourism spots, you will be in the mix with a lot of sleezy guys who get boners for underage, sex-trafficked girls. Go get a Pattaya Bar Girl. At these bars, a girl will cost you about $45 for the night and the ho selection is very diverse (and by diverse, we mean some trannies are in the mix so if that's not your thing, check out our How to Avoid STDs, Rabies and Trannies Abroad article for assistance).


Status: Illegal but decriminalized.

In Russia, you won't find official brothels. What you will see is fairly unattractive men with beautiful Russian girls hanging on their arms. What's up with that? Well, think about this: how is prostitution any different from buying a girl dinner (money) in anticipation of sex and the girl eating her dinner (exchange of money) and feeling obligated to reciprocate with sex (prostitution). You hear girls say “well you know you'll have to put out for that". In Russia, this is the case, but more overt. Both parties know the terms involved in the "companionship" arrangement. As long as the man spends money on the girl, the girl will have sex with him, simple. So wear the best thing you brought in your backpack (you can unwrinkle things by hanging them on the bathroom door while you take a hot shower), go out on the town and pick yourself up some one-night lovin'.

  • In many countries outside of the United States (with Nevada being an exception), prostitution is legal (or at least very decriminalized). To list several: the Netherlands, Thailand, Australia, Argentina, Portugal, Israel and even our northern and southern neighbors, Canada and Mexico.
  • Buying prostitutes on the street (anywhere in the world) is a bad idea because of several factors: You don't know the girl's situation (forced prostitution, underage, on drugs, etc.), her health or whether there is a pimp around the corner waiting to take your money and beat you senseless. Besides, since you won't have a car while you're backpacking, pulling up to a hooker on the street on your bike would probably not work so well.
  • Paying for sex is not always an act of desperation. People constantly search for new ways to explore their sexuality and a lot of exciting experiences are available to you abroad. Just know that there is an ugly underbelly when it comes to the international sex industry that you may be supporting. Avoid situations that seem sketchy and just don't be stupid about it. If you're not feeling 110% about your decision, DON'T DO IT! Otherwise, slap on a rubber and get to work.