10 Places you Must have Sex Around the World!

Traveling is sexy. You abandon the things that stress you out daily and visit places with all new and untapped inhabitants. Italian men are gorgeous, Brazilian women have great asses, Russians are horny and the list goes on. While exploring the possibilities, throw boring in-bed sex out the window. Check out our list of top ten new and exciting places to get busy abroad (All destinations within a backpackers budget):



Glowing Igloo

You won't freeze your ass off if you do it right, promise. Igloos are actually quite warm inside and the more body heat (hint hint) you can generate the better. The Inuits of Greenland do it best, building their love huts close to frozen lakes and beautiful winter scenery. Bring along a lighter, melt some holes on the inside of your igloo and drop in a tea light candle for some added steaminess. Eskimos don't just rub noses, trust me.




Literally stick it to religion by visiting the Cappadocia Monastery Cave Hostel  in Cappadocia, Turkey.  The rooms are actually cave-like inlets, dimly lit with candles, torches and fireplaces (how this was a place of abstinence and religious worship for 10 centuries is beyond us). The atmosphere alone should be enough to keep you going at it for hours. If you need more inspiration, take a quick trip to the conveniently located, and naturally-occurring, penis rocks.


Water Cavern


Head to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, for the surf, sun and sex. The sheer beauty of their secluded water cavern, located under the Natural Bridge at Purling Brook Falls, with its cascading waterfalls will give you an insta-orgasm. You are only allowed to bring a dimly lit torch covered with a red cloth (State Park laws). So let the glowworms and matching glowing water mushrooms set the sexy mood instead. Only one word of advice, caves are known to produce echoes.

Ryanair Mile High Club


Ryanair 1handout ph

No sex article would be complete without sex on an airplane. The fascination lies in a combination of being in the air, in public and cramped into a tight space.  If you don't already know how small a Ryanair plane is, you will soon find out. The bathrooms are about the size of your backpack. But if you can manage to squeeze through the tiny aisles, past the crew and into a stall, you're sure to have some very up close and personal fun. Since these flights are usually quite short, make it a quickie (you don't want to be caught with your pants off during landing).




There are plenty of sexy islands in the world but this location beats them all by sheer size. Don Det, in Laos isn't just one island but a grouping of 4,000! Some are so small you can only stand (or maybe lay) on them; others are large enough to house a few cottage-style bungalows and restaurants (where you can impress your mate with some really cheap wine-ing and dinning). The sexy possibilities are practically endless. We hear you get a medal if you can do it on all 4,000.

Sailboat (saltireconnect.com)



Nothing feels more exhilarating than harnessing wind power, except maybe having sex on a sailboat. The place to do it would be Scotland. You can sail through the historic Viking waters and take full advantage of Scotland's nearly empty and easy to navigate coastal waters. Thus, get your sails up, put it on auto-pilot and get down to business.


Gaudi's Parque Guell


This park is filled with Gaudi's famous surrealist sculptures. A wonderful Spanish guitar band covers sexy Latin music (mostly Gypsy Kings) while you stroll around winding, purposefully misshapen bridges and gingerbread-like houses. Your best bet on getting laid at the park: go to the supermercado, grab a box of Don Simon wine (under 1 euro), some manchego cheese and bring your lady/genty friend to the park. Listen, look, drink then find a secluded park bench and get to work.




Stay away from the active ones, those are too hot. For just the right amount of heat, visit Cerro Verde in El Salvador (Yes, this is actually a picture of it!). Here you have a choice: you can either get active at the base of this inactive volcano in the Lago de Coatepque (a water-filled crater lake) or get adventurous and hike up to a steamy vent at the top. The volcano hasn't seen an eruption in 2500 years; it needs a little action.

trans-siberian-deThe Trans-Siberian Express


Whereas before the Trans-Siberian express only operated from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, Russia, now you have about 15 trip options. Whichever one you choose, know that its a long long train ride (average trip length is 17 days). There are tons of things to see and do while aboard and lots of train passengers to do it with. We suggest taking the Moscow to Beijing route. That way, you get bragging rights for getting laid from Russia all the way to China and back, if you wish.

DesertSceneMiddle Eastern Desert


Nothing is hotter than the desert so make sure to bring enough water to replenish those fluids and journey to Oman, a small nation on the Arabian peninsula. Take a camel deep into the desert (the humps are good for setting the mood). Put on you veils and turbans and get politically freaky with it in the warm, secluded sand. When you're done, drop by a Bedouin tent for some refreshments.

Off Track Planet is a proud supporter of safe sex (but not so safe that its boring). So get out there, get creative and get laid!